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Sisters of Mercy: Links

This page is here to provide a few links to important web sites relating to the Sisters. It is not intended to be exhaustive; sites mentioned here may well contain lengthy lists of Sisters links.

  • The Official Site(s)

    The official site(s) finally became fully active towards the end of January 2000. They contain a variety of information including some lyrics to songs which have only been played live.

    There are in fact a number of official registered sites; potentially reflecting different parts of the organisation.

    The latter two have little information at the time of writing.

  • Andrius Sytas' invaluable tour page.

    This collects together reviews, setlists, ticket information and general news about the Sisters gigs, and also has a variety of supporting material.

  • The Fourth Floor

    Another collection of news, images, discographies, links and so.

  • The 101% Unofficial Site

    Originally put together by Ian Grimstead and the first significant Sisters website. Now living in a new home, this has all the key FAQs, discographies, news etc., although it has not (as of January 2000) been updated for some time.

  • A Sisters webring

    This has links to many other Sisters sites.

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